What is GDM+?

GDM+ specialises in environmental data capture, database management, reporting and analysis. It is an end-to-end solution for NGOs, reserves and organisations involved in the collection and reporting of field data.

GDM+ automates the data management process, saving time and resources by reducing the administrative tasks for conservation organisations.

Key Areas


GDM+ harnesses the real time functionality of Vulcan’s EarthRanger to produce a domain awareness system that enables anti-poaching units to coordinate actions as they happen. Furthermore, GDM+ is used to pick up on spatial trends and patterns, allowing managers to react accordingly and mitigate risk.

Ecological Monitoring

GDM+ uses CyberTracker, a mobile data collection app, to collect data in the field. This allows ecologists, rangers and managers to collect data (sightings, for example) which is automatically uploaded onto the database. Data is then mapped on our platform and automated reports are created from there.

Impact Verification

A significant component of impact investing lies in the ability to assess and quantify these impacts. Impact investing, in short, is when an investment is made for both environmental/social goals as well as monetary gain. However, insufficient or poor data results in difficulty to quantify the impact of investments. GDM+ ensures that impact investment goals are being reached by providing robust data collected on the ground.


Although not its primary focus, GDM+ does have functionality built into it that can make it highly valuable to a reserve’s management operation. With GDM+, staff can report infrastructural issues along with a photograph and a GPS location. After the staff have rectified the issue, it can be closed and the relevant parties are notified.

The GDM+ System

The GDM+ System is comprised of four key components highlighted below. GDM+ combines these four components into one system, to produce effective monitoring practises and the evaluation of conservation efforts.


Capture data whilst in the field with applications such as CyberTracker. This data is then automatically uploaded from mobile devices to the GDM+ platform.


Data from the field is uploaded automatically and stored safely and securely in an off-site database.

Display & Analyse

Analyse spatial data to pick up trends and patterns with a dynamic map-based platform.


Automate the reporting system to produce weekly/monthly/annual reports with ease.

GDM+ provides full time support and maintenance of the system from our technical team.

This includes:

  • initial setup of mobile data capture sequences
  • installation and customisation of the software
  • database design
  • report structuring
  • training workshops for users
  • trouble-shooting and technical support

Our platform

Data collected on mobile devices are automatically and wirelessly uploaded onto the GDM+ database and displayed on our  web-based platform. It operates on a near-realtime basis, and can be accessed by any authorised computer, tablet or smartphone both in the office and the field.

The system is tailor-made and personalised for each client. The built-in report functionality saves time by automating time-consuming processes. 

Data collected and stored on the GDM+ platform can be easily exported in common GIS file formats for further analysis.

Sabi Sands: A Success Story

GDM+ has been operational in the Sabi Sands, Mala Mala, and Londolozi Game Reserves, adjacent to the great Kruger National Park, since 2014 as one of the Panthera.org programs.

Every day the game rangers and guides for each of the 20 lodges in the reserves capture detailed structured data on the various species sightings that they have during the day. This data is all synced to a central database providing scientists, researchers and managers access to comprehensive reporting and analysis across multiple species, ecosystems, lodges, rangers and the like. This is proving to be invaluable!

To date GDM+ has, as just one example of an output, enabled the capture of the most comprehensive set of Leopard data, in both depth (number of sightings) and breadth (number of known individuals), ever captured globally. This data is eliciting all sorts of previously unknown insights into this mysterious animal. These insights are enabling us to better shape policy and the conservation of this magnificent and endangered species.



CyberTracker is a handheld data capture solution, used extensively by conservation organisations around the globe.

“Vulcan EarthRanger is a software platform that collects information on activity in a protected area—the animals and assets being protected, the rangers protecting them, and threats or potential poaching—into a single, integrated, real-time visualized operational platform.”

“Panthera is the only organization in the world that is devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 40 wild cat species and their landscapes.”

Wadappt is a platform that utilizes the power of the blockchain to connect impact investors with donors in a manner that is mutually beneficial and aims to unlock substantial amounts of funding. Its current focus is on funding the preservation of key biomes in Africa.


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